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Solving Coding Problems, Part 1: Getting Started

Don't get intimidated by coding problems. Despite how daunting they appear, there is rhyme and reason to them. With experience solving and presenting them, you'll get much more comfortable. First, get comfortable with the format of the whiteboard coding interview. I went over this part in a previous post on format of the coding interview. Second, get familiar with the different types of problems which frequently occur in interviews. Coding interview problems are, despite all the bluster, coming from a finite pool. Interviewers may occasionally put their own twist on things, but usually the problems are variations on tried and true problem types. So it is important for you to recognize the popular types of problems and learn the main techniques for solving them cold. Consider the following problem: write a function that takes an integer as input, reverses the bits in that integer, and returns resultant integer. First thing, observe what are the data types involved as input …